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wclBluetooth Namespace

Public classwclBleSniffer The Bluetooth LE packets sniffer.
Public classwclBluetoothComponent The base class for all Bluetooth Components.
Public classwclBluetoothConstants Some useful constants.
Public classwclBluetoothErrors The static class contains the Bluetooth Error Codes.
Public classwclBluetoothGattServerClientParams The base class for a driver specific GATT server client implementation parameters.
Public classwclBluetoothLe128ServiceAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE 128 bit UUID service advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLe128ServiceDataAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE 128 bit UUID service advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLe16ServiceAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE 16 bit UUID service advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLe16ServiceDataAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE 16 bit UUID service advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLe32ServiceAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE 32 bit UUID service advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLe32ServiceDataAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE 32 bit UUID service advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeAdvertisement The base class for Bluetooth LE advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeAdvertiser The Bluetooth LE advertiser components.
Public classwclBluetoothLeAdvertiserConnection The virtual connection class enables Bluetooth LE advertising feature.
Public classwclBluetoothLeAltBeaconAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE Alt beacon advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcher The Bluetooth LE Beacon watcher.
Public classwclBluetoothLeBeaconWatcherConnection The "virtual" connection for the Bluetooth LE Beacon Watcher.
Public classwclBluetoothLeCompanyIdAdvertisement The base class for Bluetooth LE advertisements that include company (manufacturer) ID.
Public classwclBluetoothLeCustomAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE custom advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeEddystoneUidBeaconAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE Eddystone UID beacon advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeEddystoneUrlBeaconAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE Eddystone URL beacon advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeiBeaconAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE iBeacon advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeIdAdvertisement The base class for Bluetooth LE advertisements that include IDs.
Public classwclBluetoothLeManufacturerAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE custom manufacturer specific advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeProximityBeaconAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE proximity beacon advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeRawAdvertisement The Bluetooth LE custom raw advertisement.
Public classwclBluetoothLeTxRssiAdvertisement The base class for Bluetooth LE advertisements that include calibrated RSSI value.
Public classwclBluetoothManager The Bluetooth Manager component.
Public classwclBluetoothOobData The structure contains data used to authenticate prior to establishing an Out-of-Band device pairing.
Public classwclBluetoothRadio The class represents a local Bluetooth radio module.
Public classwclCODs This static class contains constants that describes Bluetooth Class Of Devices (CODs).
Public classwclEBluetooth The base exception class for all Bluetooth exceptions.
Public classwclEBluetoothClient The Bluetooth clients exceptions.
Public classwclEBluetoothLeBeacon The Bluetooth LE beacon exception.
Public classwclEBluetoothServer The Bluetooth server exceptions.
Public classwclEGattClient The Bluetooth GATT client exceptions.
Public classwclEGattServer The Bluetooth GATT server exceptions.
Public classwclGattClient Bluetooth Low Energy GATT client.
Public classwclGattClientConnection The class represents a Bluetooth LE GATT client connection.
Public classwclGattLocalAttribute The base class for local GATT attributes (characteristics, services).
Public classwclGattLocalCharacteristic This class represents a local GATT characteristic.
Public classwclGattLocalCharacteristicReadRequest The class represents a GATT characteristic read requests.
Public classwclGattLocalCharacteristicRequest The base class for local GATT characteristic operation requests.
Public classwclGattLocalCharacteristicWriteRequest The class represents a GATT characteristic write requests.
Public classwclGattLocalService This class represents a local GATT service.
Public classwclGattServer Bluetooth Low Energy GATT server.
Public classwclGattServerClient The class represents a GATT client connected to the GATT server.
Public classwclGattServerConnection The "virtual" connection for the Bluetooth GATT Server
Public classwclRfCommClient The Bluetooth RFCOMM Client component.
Public classwclRfCommClientConnection The base class for all Classic Bluetooth (RFCOMM) client connections.
Public classwclRfCommServer Bluetooth RFCOMM server.
Public classwclRfCommServerClientConnection The Bluetooth RFCOMM server client connection base class.
Public classwclRfCommServerConnection The base class for all WCL Bluetooth RFCOMM based server connections.
Public classwclUUIDs This static class contains defines for Bluetooth Service's UUIDs.
Public classwclWiiRemoteClient The class provides methods to communicate with Wii Remote controller.
Public classwclWiiRemoteClientConnection The virtual connection represents a Wii Remote client.
Public classwclWiiRemoteHidClientConnection The virtual connection represents a Wii Remote HID client.
Public structurewclBleSnifferLlData The record contains the Link Layer data captured by the Bluetooth LE sniffer and used in the CONNECT_IND advertisement packet.
Public structurewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementFrame The structure represents a single Bluetooth LE advertisement data section.
Public structurewclBluetoothLeAdvertisingPduHeader The record describes the Bluetooth LE advertising packet PDU header.
Public structurewclBluetoothLeConnectionParameters The structure describes the current Bluetooth LE GATT connection parameters.
Public structurewclBluetoothLeConnectionParametersValue The structure represents the Bluetooth LE GATT preferred connection parameters.
Public structurewclBluetoothLeConnectionPhy Represents the Bluetooth LE physical layer (PHY) information.
Public structurewclBluetoothLeConnectionPhyInfo Represents a LE connection PHY information.
Public structurewclBluetoothLePacketHeader The Bluetooth LE packet header.
Public structurewclBluetoothSdpProfile The structure describes the Bluetooth Profile for the server service record.
Public structurewclBluetoothService The structure represents a Bluetooth Service record.
Public structurewclGattCharacteristic The structure describes a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) generic attribute (GATT) profile characteristic.
Public structurewclGattCharacteristicAggregateFormat The structure contains a GATT characteristic aggregate format data.
Public structurewclGattCharacteristicExtendedProperties The structure contains of the different characteristic extended property members.
Public structurewclGattCharacteristicFormat The structure describes the different characteristic format members.
Public structurewclGattCharactertisticUserDescription The structure contains a GATT characteristic user description descriptor data.
Public structurewclGattClientCharacteristicConfiguration The structure describes the different client characteristic configuration members.
Public structurewclGattDescriptor The structure describes a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) generic attribute (GATT) profile descriptor.
Public structurewclGattDescriptorValue The structure contains a descriptor value.
Public structurewclGattLocalCharacteristicParameters The structure represents a GATT local characteristic parameters.
Public structurewclGattLocalDescriptor The structure describes the local GATT descriptor.
Public structurewclGattServerCharacteristicConfiguration The structure describes the different server characteristic configuration members.
Public structurewclGattService The structure describes a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) generic attribute (GATT) profile service.
Public structurewclGattUuid The structure contains information about a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
Public structurewclVirtualComPort The record describes created virtual COM port.
Public structurewclWiiRemote2D The structure represents a 2D coordinate
Public structurewclWiiRemote3D The structure represents a 3D coordinate.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteAccel The structure describes a Wii Remote accelerometer data.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteAccelCalibration The structure represents a Wii Remote accelerometer calibration data.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteBalanceBoard The structure describes the Wii Remote Balance Board extension.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteBalanceBoardCalibration The structure describes the Wii Remote Balance Board extension sensors calibration data.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteBalanceBoardGC The structure represents the Balance Board extension center of gravity.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteBalanceBoardSensors The structure describes the Wii Remote Balance Board extension sensors data.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteBalanceBoardSensorsWeight The structure describes the Wii Remote Balance Board extension sensors weight.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteButtons The structure contains information about the Wii Remote buttons.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteClassicController The structure describes a Wii Remote Classic controller extension.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteClassicControllerButtons The structure contains information about the Wii Remote Classic Controller extension buttons.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteClassicControllerCalibration The structure represents a Wii Remote Classic Controller accelerometer calibration data.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteDrums The structure describes the Wii Remote Drums extension
Public structurewclWiiRemoteGuitar The structure describes a Wii Remote Guitar extension data.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteGuitarButtons The structure contains information about the Wii Remote Guitar extension buttons.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteGuitarFretButtons The structure contains the Wii Remote Guitar extension fret buttons states.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteIrSensor The structure contains a single IR sensor values.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteIrSensors The structure contains the Wii Remote IR sensors values.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteLeds The structure contains the Wii Remote LEDs states.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteNunchuk The structure describes a Wii Remote Nunchuk extension.
Public structurewclWiiRemoteNunchukCalibration The structure represents a Wii Remote Nunchuk extension accelerometer calibration data.
Public delegatewclBleSnifferAdvDirectIndReceivedEvent The BLE sniffer OnAdvDirectIndReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBleSnifferAdvIndReceivedEvent The BLE sniffer OnAdvIndReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBleSnifferAdvNonConnIndReceivedEvent The BLE sniffer OnAdvNonConnIndReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBleSnifferAdvScanIndReceivedEvent The BLE sniffer OnAdvScanIndReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBleSnifferConnectIndReceivedEvent The BLE sniffer OnConnectIndReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBleSnifferRawPacketReceivedEvent The BLE sniffer OnRawPacketReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBleSnifferScanReqReceivedEvent The BLE sniffer OnScanReqReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBleSnifferScanRspReceivedEvent The BLE sniffer OnScanRspReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothConfirmEvent The OnConfirm event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothDeviceEvent The common event for notifications when a remote device's MAC address required.
Public delegatewclBluetoothDeviceResultEvent The common event handler prototype used for a remote Bluetooth device's operations result notifications.
Public delegatewclBluetoothEvent The common Bluetooth event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothGetSdpAttributesEvent The GetSdpAttributes event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothIoCapabilityRequestEvent The OnIoCapabilityRequest event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementExtFrameInformationEvent The OnAdvertisementExtFrameInformation event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementFrameInformationEvent The OnAdvertisementFrameInformation event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementRawFrameEvent The OnAdvertisementRawFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementReceivedEvent The OnAdvertisementReceived event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementService128DataFrameEvent The OnService128DataFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementService16DataFrameEvent The OnService16DataFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementService32DataFrameEvent The OnService32DataFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementServiceSol128FrameEvent The OnServiceSol128Frame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementServiceSol16FrameEvent The OnServiceSol16Frame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementServiceSol32FrameEvent The OnServiceSol32Frame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAdvertisementUuidFrameEvent The OnAdvertisementUuidFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeAltBeaconFrameEvent The OnAltBeaconFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeEddystoneTlmFrameEvent The OnEddystoneTlmFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeEddystoneUidFrameEvent The OnEddystoneUidFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeEddystoneUrlFrameEvent The OnEddystoneUrlFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeManufacturerRawFrameEvent The OnManufacturerRawFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothLeProximityBeaconFrameEvent The OnProximityBeaconFrame event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothNumericComparisonEvent The OnNumericComparison event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothOobDataRequestEvent The OnOobDataRequest event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothPasskeyNotificationEvent The OnPasskeyNotification event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothPasskeyRequestEvent The OnPasskeyRequest event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothPinRequestEvent The OnPinRequest event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothProtectionLevelRequestEvent The OnProtectionLevelRequest event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclBluetoothResultEvent The common Bluetooth result even handler prototype.
Public delegatewclGattCharacteristicChangedEvent The OnCharacteristicChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclGattLocalCharacteristicReadEvent The OnRead characteristic's event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclGattLocalCharacteristicSubscribedClientsChangedEvent The OnClientSubscribed and OnClientUnsubscribed events handler prototype.
Public delegatewclGattLocalCharacteristicWriteEvent The OnWrite characteristic's event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclGattServerClientEvent The GATT server client event handlers prototype.
Public delegatewclRfCommServerConnectEvent The prototype of the OnConnect event handler for RFCOMM server.
Public delegatewclRfCommServerDataEvent A server connection OnData event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclRfCommServerDisconnectEvent The prototype of the OnDisconnect event handler for server connections.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteAccelChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnAccelChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteBalanceBoardChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnBalanceBoardChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteButtonsChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnButtonsChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteClassicControllerChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnClassicControllerChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteDrumsChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnDrumsChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteGuitarChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnGuitarChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteIrChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnIrChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteNunchukChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnNunchukChanged event handler prototype.
Public delegatewclWiiRemoteStatusChangedEvent The Wii Remote OnStatusChanged event handler prototype.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothAddressType Describes the Bluetooth address type.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothApi Supported Bluetooth APIs (drivers).
Public enumerationwclBluetoothConnectionType Supported connection types.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothDeviceType A remote device types.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothDiscoverKind The TwclBluetoothDiscoverKind enumeration describes Bluetooth devices discovering methods.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothIoCapability The enumeration defines the input/output capabilities of a Bluetooth Device.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeAdvertisementFlag Flags used to match flags contained inside a Bluetooth LE advertisement payload.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeAdvertisementType Types of the Bluetooth LE advertisement packet.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeAdvertisingPduType The Bluetooth LE advertising packet PDU types.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeConnectionParametersType The enumeration defines the Bluetooth LE GATT preferred connection parameters.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeExtendedFrameFlag Extended advertisement frame flags.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeProtectionLevel The Bluetooth LE pairing protection levels.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothLeScanningMode Specifies the Bluetooth LE scanning mode.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothMitmProtection The enumeration specifies the "Man in the Middle" protection required for authentication.
Public enumerationwclBluetoothPairingMethod The pairing methods.
Public enumerationwclGattDescriptorType The enumeration describes the different types of Bluetooth LE generic attributes (GATT).
Public enumerationwclGattLocalCharacteristicProperty The enumeration represents the GATT local characteristic properties, as defined by the GATT profile.
Public enumerationwclGattOperationFlag This enumeration describes how a GATT reading operation should be executed.
Public enumerationwclGattPresentationFormat The characteristic presentation formats.
Public enumerationwclGattProtectionLevel Represents the desired security level for GATT communication.
Public enumerationwclGattSubscribeKind The GATT subscription method.
Public enumerationwclGattWriteKind The GATT write operation mode.
Public enumerationwclWiiRemoteExtension The Wii Remote extension types.
Public enumerationwclWiiRemoteGuitarType The Wii Remote Guitar extension type.
Public enumerationwclWiiRemoteIrMode The Wii Remote IR sensor modes.
Public enumerationwclWiiRemoteIrSensitivity The Wii Remote IR sensor sensitivity.