Bluetooth Framework
CwclServerConnection Members

The following tables list the members exposed by CwclServerConnection.

Sends a notification to the main thread to create and init new client connection.  
Fires the OnClosed event.  
Fires the OnConnect event.  
Fires the OnDisconnect event.  
Fires the OnListen event.  
Implements a hardware-dependent method to stop listening.  
The method crteates a hardware and transport-dependent client connection.  
Implements a hardware-dependent method for listening the client connections.  
Implements a hardware-dependent code that prepares for listening.  
Closes the server.  
The message receiver calls this method when a new notification message has been received.  
The method sets the client's event handlers.  
Frees the server connection.  
The method disconnects all connected clients and closes the server.  
Creates a new server connection.  
Gets a connected client by its index.  
Gets the number of connected clients.  
Gets the connection message receiver object.  
Gets the connection state.  
Gets the connection's thread ID.  
The method starts listening for client connections.  
The event fires when the server is closed.  
The event fires when the serve ris ready to accept incomming connections (is in listening state).  
The event fires when a remote client is connected to the server.  
The event fires when a remote client has disconnected from the server.
The prototype of the OnDisconnect event handler for server connections.  
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