Bluetooth Framework
CwclBluetoothLeEddystoneUrlBeaconConnection Members

The following tables list the members exposed by CwclBluetoothLeEddystoneUrlBeaconConnection.

Fires the OnStarted event.  
Fires the OnStopped event.  
Gets tge encoded URL.  
Gets the encoded URL scheme.  
Implements a hardware-dependent code to start Bluetooth LE advertising.  
Implements a hardware-dependent code to stop Bluetooth LE advertising.  
The method called when a new notification message received.  
The message receiver calls this method when a new notification message has been received.  
Creates a new "virtual" Bluetooth LE Eddystone UID Beacon Advertising connection object.  
Gets advertising state.  
Gets the connection owner.  
Gets the connection message receiver object.  
Gets the connection's thread ID.  
Gets the beacon's RSSI value.  
Gets the beacon's URL.  
Sets the beacon's RSSI value.  
Sets the beacon's URL.  
Starts Bluetooth LE Advertising.  
Stops Bluetooth LE Advertising.  
This is the overview for the wclNotifyEvent method overload. 
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